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Bail Bonds Offices:


 Location #1

70 S. Main St.

1ST Floor

Norwalk, CT 06854

(Located Conveniently Across The Street From The Norwalk Police Department)


Location #2

135 Elm St.

Bridgeport, CT 06604


Location #3

427 Dixwell Ave.

New Haven, CT 06511


Location #4

15 Palisade Ave.

Suite #3

Yonkers, NY 10701



Location #5

53 Market St.

Suite #1

Poughkeepsie, NY 12601



Location #6

90 North St.

Suite #105

Middletown, NY 10940


Location #7

1 Pearl St. W

Sidney, NY 13838


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(203) 515 1175

(203) 810-4266

(203) 334-2245

(203) 362-2245

(203) 823-5775


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We are now licensed in the state of New Jersey!

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365 Days A Year.

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About Bail Bonds In Connecticut

     Bail Bondsmen  in the State of Connecticut must be licensed in order to conduct bonding business. Standard rates for bail or Bail Premiums  are set and regulated by the Connecticut Insurance Department (CID). All bail bonding agencies doing business in CT must  comply with CID regulations.  Prior to the execution of a bail bond, all bondsmen must get written authorization from a third party or if possible the defendant himself. This authorization is usually accomplished via a signature agreement which allows a bail bondsman to initiate  bail proceedings. If the bail bond Premium cannot be paid in full at the time of execution, a bondsmen can arrange a payment plan agreement. However, such unpaid balance must be paid no later than 15 months from the time of bail. Learn  about Co-signers and why they are needed. Get informed about the Bail Bond 35% down requirement.

How Bail Bonding Premium Works

Brief and Simplified


1. We put up the money for the full amount of the Bail Bond  (ex: $5,000).


2. Then charge the person financing the bail bond either a 10% on the first 5,000 and 7% every penny over 5,000.

(ex: $5,000 BOND = YOU PAY $500)

(ex: $10,000 BOND = YOU PAY $850)


3. For a bail bond equal to $5,000 or less, we charge a premium fee of 10%


4. For a bail bond greater than $5,000, we charge a premium fee of 7% + $150.00 

Don't have the full premium, payment plans are available!

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